Beal: When it comes to tomatoes, never too much of a good thing
September 15, 2014
I am the most fortunate of men. I have the two things that, according to the song, money cannot buy: true love and home-grown tomatoes.
Train ride provides, enjoyable, unique travel experience
August 29, 2014
My wife and I took a trip to Chicago recently to visit our son, who is attending graduate school there. We brought along our 15-year-old grandson to explore and experience the sights and attractions of the city. It was the most relaxing and pleasurable trip we have taken in a long time.
50th Annual De Soto Days Festival Aug. 28-30
August 28, 2014
The 50th Annual De Soto Days Festival kicks off tonight and lasts through Aug. 30 at Miller Memorial Park in De Soto.
Street maintenance in eastern Shawnee lacking, residents say
August 28, 2014
Residents from the Trail Springs neighborhood in eastern Shawnee presented photographs and testimony of their crumbling streets to the mayor and City Council last week, claiming that the city has its priorities on western Shawnee roads and developments.
Another side to romantic notion of Viking spirit
August 11, 2014
It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who reads this column that I like to watch the travel shows on public television.
Managing well with ‘old world’ mentality despite modern inventions
August 10, 2014
I caught a glimpse of the modern world, and I am not in it.
Linwood’s Operation WildLife aiding animals despite challenges
July 2, 2014
Operation WildLife’s 20 years in operation helping injured and sick animals is often tested by financial struggles and the constant influx on animals, but that’s not stopping the organization’s founder or its volunteers.
Scott: Be careful what you wish for
09:05 a.m., July 1, 2014 Updated 09:05 a.m.
The elderly man thanked me for coming to his assistance.
Letter to the editor: Devil in the details?
June 29, 2014
During the Shawnee Council Committee meeting of June 17, there was a discussion of adding a sales tax question to this November’s ballot to cover the budget gap for street maintenance.
Beal: Have time, will travel
June 18, 2014
I love to travel. To my mind, there’s nothing to beat the thrill of viewing a new country.
Beal: Trash or treasure, that is the question
May 28, 2014
I always look forward to Tidy Town, the annual exercise in clearing out our attics and basements.
Kansas mayor faces recall vote in council dispute
May 25, 2014
A small-town Kansas mayor faces an August recall vote after critics say she violated the state’s open meetings law and doesn’t get along well with most City Council members.
The death of civility?
May 18, 2014
A plastic shopping bag blows across a big box store parking lot and lodges briefly on a shopping cart thoughtlessly left by an indolent shopper in the middle of a parking space.
Scott: What in life is truly deserved?
April 24, 2014
Deserve. Deserve. Now there’s an interesting word.