Letters to the editor

Letter: Shawnee’s finest
January 15, 2013
Last fall, I had the honor of being chosen to attend the Shawnee Citizen Police Academy. It was one of the greatest honors I’ve ever received.
Letter: Shameful voter turnout
January 8, 2013
Voter turnout for the last city election was only 13 percent.
Letter: Another skate park needed
December 24, 2012
Western Shawnee needs its own skate park.
Letter: Trail etiquette
December 4, 2012
I am writing this as an equestrian who enjoys the horse trails in hopes that we can work together.
Setting the record straighter
October 29, 2012
In last week’s letter to the editor, my opponent, Marlys Shulda, accused me of distorting her stance on issues in my campaign literature. Rather than transparently publish her own views on issues, she has chosen to veil them behind her attack on my communication.
Letter: Setting the record straight
October 26, 2012
I want to clarify the distorted statements made in a recent mail piece from Charles Macheers, my opponent in the 39th District Kansas House race.
School finance malarkey
October 24, 2012
In his recent letter, State Rep. John Rubin completely misstated the facts about cuts to public education during my legislative term.
Letter: School finance facts
October 16, 2012
18th District House incumbent reacts to challenger’s comments on school finance.
Letter: Changes hard to swallow
September 11, 2012
I do not care for the new lunch changes and I have some comments to make.
Doghouse dwellers
August 22, 2012
A former Shawnee City Council member adds some personal observations to a recent Dispatch article on open government.
Critics went off half-cocked
August 20, 2012
Letter: Any suggestion that She’s a Pistol might trigger a negative trend is misguided.
Letter: Involved citizens vilified
August 14, 2012
In the article “Open government has become contentious city issue,” city officials talked about how they encourage citizen involvement yet seem to verbally vilify the citizens who do get involved in the process.
Letter: Business as usual
August 2, 2012
Resident urges more investigation of July 9 appointment session and what happened before the meeting.
Letter: Mayor slapped democracy in face
July 17, 2012
Reader asks, “Where has democracy gone in this city?”