With the current state of the stock market, have you changed how you manage your 401(k) or other investments?

October 17, 2008

Photo of Roy Christy

Roy Christy ( in Overland Park ) says...

“I’m not making any changes; I’m just kind of sitting on it. But I’m a lot more worried about it. I think it’s been scarier the last two months than it’s ever been.”

Photo of Kathee Goldsich

Kathee Goldsich ( in Mission ) says...

“It’s kind of funny — we’re very glad we’re not retiring in the next few years. We’re glad we have about 10 more years, and we’ve been thinking this is an opportunity to buy stocks low and take advantage of this.”

Photo of Jerry Harbaugh

Jerry Harbaugh ( in Kansas City, Mo. ) says...

“I just got started, but I think being a novice, it’s a great time to start. The market doesn’t usually fluctuate like this, and there’s a lot of money to be made right now.”


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