Do think voters are aware of the races for the spring election?

March 31, 2009

Photo of Peter Ehrlich

Peter Ehrlich ( in Shawnee) says...

“I think the awareness is moderate and the interest is minimal because of the slate. There is not a lot of campaigning, signs and/or mailings, to keep the elections top of mind.”

Photo of Tom Martin

Tom Martin ( in Shawnee) says...

“I don't think the voters pay as much attention to the spring elections as they do a presidential election. I have seen yards signs up of the candidates and received literature in the mail from various candidates.”

Photo of Mike Pirner

Mike Pirner ( in Lenexa) says...

“Unfortunately, I don't think voters are invested as they could be in local elections, despite the fact these local boards have a major impact on both their lives and pocketbooks. That's not to say voters don't care, but due to a relative lack of coverage in major media outlets, there isn't the urgency to vote like there is in state or national elections. On the flip side, for those who are voting, this means their vote will have an even larger impact.”


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