What books or magazines are on your reading stand right now?

April 17, 2013

Photo of Gloria Bessenbacher

Gloria Bessenbacher ( in Shawnee) says...

"During this Holy Week, I felt compelled to start reading something interesting and fulfilling, thus I started reading the Bible. Great book!"

Photo of Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer ( in Shawnee) says...

“I’m addicted to the Vanity Fair and Atlantic essays, and I’m just digging into (and enjoying) ‘An American Son’ by Marco Rubio.”

Photo of Ben Nicks

Ben Nicks ( in Shawnee) says...

“My favorite magazines are those of the VFW, American Legion and Air Force Association. They remember and honor ‘The Greatest Generation.’”

Photo of Ray Erlichman

Ray Erlichman ( in Shawnee) says...

“National Geographic and various gun magazines. I’m also looking to get a copy of George W. Bush’s book, ‘Decision Points.’”


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