Do you think school employees should be allowed to carry guns at school?

March 27, 2013

Photo of Ray Erlichman

Ray Erlichman ( in Shawnee) says...

"You bet. As long as they have concealed carry licenses and have taken some advanced training classes like some states are requiring. Just remember, the feel good 'no guns allowed' signs are garbage. People who have committed these murders have done them in 'gun free zones,' including the theater in Aurora. They don’t pay attention to those signs."

Photo of Norge Jerome

Norge Jerome ( in Shawnee) says...

“Security officers employed by schools should be expected to carry guns while on duty. All other school employees should be exempted.’”

Photo of Gloria Bessenbacher

Gloria Bessenbacher ( in Shawnee) says...

“Loaded question. I don’t think they should carry guns, but security in and around schools should be increased/tightened.”

Photo of Ben Nicks

Ben Nicks ( in Shawnee) says...

“No more or no less than other citizens – not that carrying guns at school will hinder or discourage insane crackpots from wild shooting rampages.”


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