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Tammie and Scott Green of Shawnee.

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Automotive Advisers: Keeping your fuel system tip-top

It’s vital to maintain your fuel system to ensure the health and performance of your car in the short and long term

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Digital inspections: A new age of car care

Check out our latest Automotive Advisers column.

Steering clear: Tips for keeping your steering system in line

Whether maneuvering the twisty roads in the Ozarks or the straight and narrow lanes of Interstate 70, your ability to steer and control the vehicle is essential.

Automotive Advisers: Stay cool on the road with a seasonal A/C system check

Riding around with the windows down here in Shawnee can be nice, but not so much when hot temperatures rise—as they tend to do this time of year.

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Automotive Advisers: Spring is approaching, it’s time for an alignment check

With the Kansas winter nearly in the rearview and the promise of spring on the horizon, there are several maintenance checks to consider for your car, one of which is for alignment.

Automotive Advisers: Car battery care in winter and beyond

"Battery failures are one of the most common automotive issues we see and, fortunately, they’re one of the easiest to prevent or resolve."

Automotive Advisers: Avoiding frozen fluids this winter

There are several easy precautionary steps you can take to protect your car’s components during the remaining winter months.

Automotive Advisers: Where to start when your car won’t

Where do you start when your car won’t? The answer is to begin by listening.

Automotive Advisers: Tips for getting your car ready for winter weather

Learn how to weatherproof your car with these professional tips.

Automotive Advisors: How to find and select a car club that works for you

Every day, we trust our vehicles to get us from point A to point B and to do so safely.

Automotive Advisors: Pre-purchase inspections smart move for back-to-school car shoppers

Another school year is on the horizon, and the driving roster in many Shawnee households is about to shift — with new drivers coming into the mix and other drivers heading off to college.

Automotive Advisors: Tips to help Dad save the day by saving the family car

For many of us, our fathers will be top of mind this month. With Father’s Day just around the corner, dads, uncles and grandfathers will be celebrated for the role they play as our very own superheroes day in and day out.

Automotive Advisors: When it comes to cars, Mom knows best

Mother knows best! Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the most important women in your life. For many of us, Mom played the role of Superwoman, keeping us on the right road — often by keeping us on the road. From driving to school to car pooling to soccer games, grocery shopping or appointment hopping, many dedicated moms play a secondary role as a chauffeur.

Automotive Advisors: Preparing your car for wet weather

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also can bring trouble for your car. A monthly column written by Scott and Tammie Green, owners of Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee.

Automotive Advisers: Spring car maintenance tips

This is the first installment of a monthly column written by Scott and Tammie Green, owners of Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee. The column will be published on the second Sunday of every month.


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