Shawnee is spending about $14,000 to send its city manager and seven elected officials to a National League of Cities conference starting Nov. 28 in Boston. What do you think?

Response Percent Votes
That’s too much money to spend on travel given other needs in the city.
61% 11
I’m glad our city is sending more folks than any other city in Johnson County. It shows they care.
38% 7
Don’t know or don’t care.
0% 0
Total 18


jsheahan 5 years, 6 months ago

In my opinion that seems to be too many people. Send the City Manager plus 2 council members. The Council members are on for 4 years. They each have a turn to attend during their term. I also feel that the way the poll is worded in regards to the 2nd question is a back handed compliment.


Chuck Heinz 5 years, 6 months ago

It doesn't take EIGHT people to represent the city at a conference with the taxpayers footing the bill. What's the matter - can't Gonzalez choose just a few of her favorites?


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