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Melissa Treolo is a reporter for the Chieftain, covering news and features in Bonner Springs and Edwardsville.

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Shawnee salon owner looks to combine high-end with comfort
November 25, 2015
The recent opening of a new salon in downtown Shawnee has one elementary school student pretty excited, says her mom and the salon’s owner, Kristi Rodgers.
Stressed out over the holidays? There are ways to cope
November 18, 2015
For many, feelings of happiness and cheer are not necessarily what is evoked during the months of November and December.
Wishful thinking: Mill Valley student starts Make-A-Wish club
November 18, 2015
Jasmine Cousins was about 4 or 5 when her mother called her into the room to share some exciting news: Jasmine and her family were headed to Disney World.
With student drivers increasing, De Soto board considers parking expansion at Mill Valley
November 10, 2015
With more student drivers than there are parking places at Mill Valley High School, De Soto school district officials are eyeing a solution.
Retiring SMEF executive director says job was fulfillment of dream
October 28, 2015
In 2008, when Linda Roser was hired as the executive director of the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation, it was, for her, truly a dream come true.
Custodial connections: Dancing, talking with students all in a day’s work for Prairie Ridge custodian
October 21, 2015
A common sight in the Prairie Ridge Elementary cafeteria during lunchtime is a fixture at the school known as “Mr. Rex” doing the Dougie, Nae Nae and other popular dances of the day with any student who is game. He also can frequently be seen in the hallways laughing and talking with students as they head to classes or recess.
Project manager, mother appointed to vacant seat on De Soto school board
October 13, 2015
The vacant Position 4 seat on the De Soto school board has officially been filled.
10 candidates interview for vacant seat on De Soto school board
October 7, 2015
Members of the De Soto school board have a tough decision ahead of them.
Broken Arrow students gaining broadcasting experience with the help of iPads
October 6, 2015
With the digital learning initiative now in full swing at all schools in the Shawnee Mission school district, some youths at Broken Arrow Elementary School truly are blazing a trail with their new iPads for the students who follow.
Two Teacher of the Year finalists have Shawnee connection
September 30, 2015
In the 2016 Kansas Teacher of the Year program, the city of Shawnee is well represented. Out of eight total finalists for the title, two have a Shawnee connection: one lives in the city and one teaches there.

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Recent photos

Officers with the Make-A-Wish Club at Mill Valley High School pose in front of some of the stars that were sold as part of the new organization’s first fundraiser. Pictured from left are Ben Hoepner, Megan Feuerborn, Camille Gatapia, Melissa Kelley and Ally Saab.

Prairie Ridge Elementary lead custodian Rex Moore talks and laughs with students as they eat their lunch.

Charley Vogt, senior vice president of business/economic development at Country Club Bank, stands with his recently-received Inspiration Award in front of Mill Valley High School, one of the schools that has received a lot of support from Vogt and the bank over the years.

Broken Arrow Elementary Principal Michael Brewer greets third-grader Dominy Woodruff as he arrives for his first day of school.

A look at the landshift that has developed in near a playground at Ray Marsh Elementary School. Officials say completion of the project to fix the large hole won't be done until at least Thanksgiving.

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