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Would a 1 percent sales tax increase keep you from shopping at the Ten Quivira Plaza stores?

More sales tax? What is that going to help? Why raise the prices at all when the stores are already struggling? When has that ever worked?

What would help? In my opinion, fill the empty storefronts with stores, do bring a restaurant or fast food joint back to the old Burger King building. That building really is an eyesore to that complex. You have Price Chopper's big shiny storefront with an empty, rundown building out in-front of one of the entrances.

A few of the stores in this center already have plenty of competition that will sell you the exact same thing for cheaper, why add more sales tax to an already struggling business when there are plenty of alternatives to shop at? If these were the only stores of their kind in the city my opinion might be different but there are how many grocery stores in Shawnee? How about hardware stores?

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