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Do you feel safer under the new state law allowing concealed weapons like handguns and knives in government buildings?

Yes I do. It would be nice to have a list of which state offices exempted themselves.
I need to do some research on how this exemption works.
Who approves these exemption plans?
What is included in the exemption plans?


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What do you like most about Old Shawnee Days?

Blue Oyster Cult.

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Have you ever been directly affected by a tornado or other natural disaster?


I even had to use 48 hours of my 72 hour kit.

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Do you have a green thumb?

Hey autie!

Feeling a bit like Jesus?

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Do you have a green thumb?

Only when I finger paint.
Because I use the whole hand, opposable digit and all, not just the fingers.

And I like green.
Even green Kool-Aid, but I never ever drink it.

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Do you think school employees should be allowed to carry guns at school?

Yes I do.

I also believe marriage is a private contract.
Why is government even involved?

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Can you share something, anything you learned (or learned about) in 2012?

Thinking back, I did see like 20 minutes of "Into the Wild"

Felonious, CWGOKU you are correct, Sean Penn has no redeeming qualities.

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