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Shawnee council to consider swapping typed minutes for online audio

It's not a win-win anything. Citizens, don't be gulled by this charade. You would have to listen to the entire thing just to find the place where the chicanery starts. A written report can be scanned, to go directly to th heart of the minutes. This is what is needed to keep an eye on the crooks in this deplorable, dishonest administration.
We win, you lose describes it better. This slimy plan deserves your vigorous, outraged response. Worry about money is a red herring. This is a council that wasted more than three million dollars on the dishonest scheme to enrich supporters by telling you we needed a mile and a quarter-long superhighway on Monticello Road. After extracting public money to fill the pockets of their friends, not a penny was ever spent even to fill the gullies on the sides of this road.
If they need money to pay a minutes reporter, they can tap into that secret bank account in Topeka. There's enough money there to pay a reporter for the next 200 years, just by using the monthly interest. Think about it.
And while you're thinking about it, here is something else for you to ponder:
1. Who was behind the scheme to give a monopoly to the secret company that now owns
the former Deffenbaugh trash and mining enterprise? Clue: Its advocate, the woman who
proposed it, is still on the council, In New York and New Jersey, until two Federal Strike
forces spent 12 years to break it up, the Mafia was willing to murder people to get their
hands on such fabulously profitable monopolies
2. Who was behind the land purchase and construction of the so-called "Public Safety"
building north and west of the city in the Dismal Hills Estates? Why, when it is distant
and difficult to get to the scenes where fire and police forces are most needed? The
real need was and is seven miles to the west, so why wasn't it built there?
3. Why is all this money being spent to create a Highway 7 ~ Johnson Drive interchange
when Johnson Drive effectively ends at Highway 7? There is very little traffic beyond it.
And the Clear Creek overpass? Why was it rammed through without complete planning
to learn what it really would cost? The original plan was for 21.4 MILLION DOLLARS.
What is it now? Who will benefit? Is it someone who owns land west of Highway 7?
4. Now watch for the rabid responses that will be raised against the mentioning of these
questions; the outraged voices that will defend the above; the defenses based on the
fictitious need for Growth! Safety! Expansion!
5. And now, isn't it transparent and visible that these crooks, in open defiance of the Kansas
Sunshine Law, don't want written records of what they say?
6. They are not all crooks. Michelle Distrler isn't. There may be others, but it's the others that
need watching.

~ Ross W. Murphy

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