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City officials say ‘sex club’ does not violate ordinances, strip clubs and swinger clubs do nothing to enhance, improve or help society. Hopefully, no one will ever treat your daughter in this way and your argument does not hold any truth other than the fact that PORN and these other unhealthy choices do NOT treat a human being with any dignity.

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City officials say ‘sex club’ does not violate ordinances

Well despite the ridiculous comments from funtimeluvncouple, I as a mother, with 5 children and a taxpayer in this city disagree. I also disagree with your comment about porn. It may be a big business for people who are desperate and have no morals but it also objectifies men, women and in sad cases children and has NO redeeming qualities or purpose whatsoever. There is nothing good about it, not to mention the marriages it destroys. REAL men and women do not feel the need to participate in what you call a "lifestyle" that is quite frankly unhealthy and degrading. You can call me a hypocrite all you want but it does'nt change the fact that this kind of behavior is wrong. If it's so great and wonderful go do it in the privacy of your homes, hopefully you don't have children. Sadly, many serial killers begin with an addiction to porn, not to mention the latest victim Jessica Ridgeway in Colorado. I don't need to dream about anything except loving my husband and family and treating all people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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