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Kansas Board of Education to examine school laws, bonds

How about you sue the State and the legislators personally .

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Mayoral candidates fighting for position, not against each other

Mrs Culp from Kansans for Life,
When you call me for an election and specify people who only care about pre-birth objects it makes me not want to vote for any of your recommendations.

Why don't you try to work with the State budget, schools, children at risk, homeless, those who can not afford meals, schools, birth control ( you are in favor of birth control right - ? )

Quit being a one trick pony and realize that pro-life may be the worst position possible if you practice abandonment after birth as you do.

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Shawnee lawmaker leading charge for state's rights

Mrs Cook
I know your bill is for show but whom do you think will pass on getting insurance when the Federal Government passes healthcare reform ?

Lets see.
1) People who have insurance
Won't be impacted - they have insurance. Repeat, they will not be impacted - they have it.
2) People who don't have insurance
Hmmm, let me think ... I don't have insurance and the government is providing an option for me to have it so I can avoid those horrific financial crisis and not have to pick between food or medicine - successfully like Hawaii has run for the last 40 years ... 40 years.
Nah ... I'll pass on that last option.

You think there is a single individual or family who will say "no" it they are in category #2 ? They would have to be the stupidest individual , a leading candidate for the "cut nose of to spite face" award or someone who plans on skipping out on the bill regardless.

Wouldn't you take the insurance choice ? Me too. But I forgot. You have insurance provided by the State so you don't have to make that choice.

The last year you were a Kansas Representative the Kansas Senate actually tried what the Feds are trying - don't you remember ( the chairman of the task force was a Republican too )

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