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City officials say ‘sex club’ does not violate ordinances

While I agree quite closely with your personal beliefs angela68, it's an extremely slippery slope to look at the law for enforcing them.

As a new father with a daughter living in Shawnee, I don't love the idea of a swingers' club on my back doorstep. However, what I find objectionable or not ideal is *my* beliefs, and so long as the objectionable acts are not impairing the protection or freedoms of my life (which this is admittedly not), then I cannot put any legal fault on their shoulders.

As for the comments about porn addiction being correlated to serial killers and the implication that a swinger's club will lead to something bad to Shawnee: please remember this is just that, a correlation, and not a *causation*. It could easily be the inverse: that those predisposed to being a serial killer seek out porn in large quantities. In other words, the porn didn't cause the mental imbalance, but rather the reverse. This is the much more likely scenario, and if it wasn't porn, it could easily be prostitutes, alcohol, narcotics, or perhaps simply more killings.

All of my defenses for these things I may disagree with come from that fact that I myself play video games. As a generation that grew up with them, I find it to be of natural entertainment value, much like some folks enjoy TV. I know in my heart that the regular reports about video games and violence and their resulting in shootings is hog-wash. It's simply looking for a scape goat, and people that don't agree with them leveraging the hammer of social ire against injustice to wipe them away, or at least lock them down. These children that commit these horrible crimes didn't do it because of the violent video games. The violent video games were there just like violent movies, violent sports, and all of the other gluttony, depravity, and other dark corners we harbor as a society. Those outlets have always and will always exist in some form, and they do not *cause* the violence. They are a product of it.

Vis-a-vis, sex and the businesses around sex are no different!

Many people correlate being Muslim with being a terrorist. I am not a Muslim, but we have Muslim places of worship here in Shawnee, and I will fight for their right to practice their beliefs to my dying breath, because those freedoms are THEIR right as much as it is MY right, and the correlation does not equal the crime. Guns are correlated to violence in this country, but we stand up for our right to keep them (as we should!)

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